Evolving Elite

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy will be governing the way in which the Evolving Elite will collect, use, disclose, and maintain the information collected from the clients. The privacy policy is applicable to all the services offered by the Evolving Elite.

We are committed to protecting your privacy. An authorized team will be collecting the individual customers and only use that information. If there is any failure, we will investigate every action and prosecute and take civil proceedings for recovering damages from the responsible person.

Unless explicitly mentioned, we won’t use your email address for any unsolicited emails. All the emails that you will receive from us will be in regard to the provision of the agreed-upon products and services.

Public Information

Any information that you might reveal in an online discussion, forum, or review posting is not private in any way and is open to the public. Therefore, before you disclose any personal information in a public forum, you have to think carefully. Whatever you write can be seen or collected by third parties. They might use this information in ways which we can’t predict or control.


Like other interactive web sites, our website also uses cookies that enable us to get the details of the user for every visit. Some elements of our website use cookies that enable the element’s functionality. It also makes it easier for the user to use it. These cookies can also be used by our affiliate partners.

Links from the website

The content of the third-party websites that are linked from this website is not monitored or reviewed by us. Any material or opinion expressed on the websites is not necessarily endorsed or shared by us. We are not the publisher of this material or opinions. Also, please note that we are in no way responsible for the content or privacy practices of these websites. We encourage all our users to be aware of these things while leaving our website and read the privacy statements before browsing through the website. We won’t be responsible for any damage or loss caused by your disclosure of personal information to third parties.

We reserve the right of disclosing information if we believe that it is essential for protecting and defending our rights, property, or safety of our website and users or if we are required by the law to do so.

Website Analytics

We use third-party website analytics services that don’t collect any information that is not voluntarily entered by you. They don’t track your browsing habits. We use these services for finding usability problems. These recordings don’t identify you or your account.

Web Beacons

These are the small graphic image files that are embedded in an email or web page that makes a presence and sends back the information from the user browser to the home server. It allows us to monitor how many people are currently using the website or opening our emails. In limited circumstances, these web beacons might collect information about how you use our website, emails, etc.


We will use the email or phone number for contacting you that you entered. You will also receive system-generated emails for proper administration and operation.

Please read the privacy policy carefully. When you are using our website, it is an indication that you understand this privacy policy, agree, and consent to it. If you don’t agree with the privacy policy, please don’t use the website.