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Digital Marketing Services

Evolving Elite is a Digital Marketing agency focusing on how to use Digital Marketing Services for making your business successful. Through digital marketing techniques, you can increase traffic to the website and conversion. We will help you in designing an online marketing campaign that can help you in reaching your goals.

Digital Marketing Services

The digital marketing team at the Evolving Elite will first focus on employing proven strategies for increasing the rank of your site. Then, we will improve your content and your website’s quality so that the potential customers visiting your website are more inclined to make a purchase.

At the Evolving Elite, we will be increasing the traffic to your website and get it to the top of the search engine ranking. With our extensive experience and knowledge of digital marketing strategies, you will be able to maximize your ROI. To know more about our service, you can send us your enquiry, We will get back to you ASAP.

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Search Engine Marketing / Pay Per Click

This is the most cost-effective strategy that is a trusted choice for a different business of all sizes and from different markets. Through PPC, your business will get a competitive edge immediately. When you use this digital marketing service, an advertisement is created that appears on the top of organic search results. However, it will only appear for specific search results. So, you have to target a specific audience using specific keywords through PPC ads.

What makes it better than the print advertisements is that with the latter, you get a lot of impressions, but only a small number of conversions. Also, you pay an upfront fee that can affect your ROI or Return on Investment. When you use a PPC ad, you only pay when someone clicks on it. When you use our team, we will be creating ads for targeting consumers that are ready to make a purchase. We will also be fine-tuning your ads to ensure that the shoppers have the best experience.

Search Engine Marketing / Pay Per click (Google ADs) service involves:

  • Setup Google Ads account.
  • Creating structure of campaigns.
  • Creating Search Campaigns with proper targeting keywords, location, demographic, ad copies, etc.
  • Optimizing all the campaigns based on the conversion, clicks, bidding strategy, search term report.
  • Creating Display Ads for remarketing campaigns.
  • Provides full campaign reports.

On-Page SEO

Most of the shoppers start researching their product online. Therefore, it is very important to have an online presence in search results of search engines like Google, Bing, etc. This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in. For the best results, specialized SEO services are needed – Local, Enterprise, and E-commerce.

On-Page SEO service involves:

  • Setup google search console.
  • Keyword Research for website, products, target audience.
  • Adding Schema Markup Code on the website.
  • Adding Open Graph Control on the website.
  • Adding Sitemap.xml on the website.
  • Adding Robot.txt on the website.
  • Image Optimization.
  • Improve readability of websites.
  • Adding H1 Tags, H2 Tags, Bold Tags in all the pages.
  • Improvise all Meta Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords.
  • Internal Linking within website.
  • Optimizing websites to get more organic traffic.
  • Provides Free Website SEO Audit.

Off-Page SEO and Local SEO

What exactly is SEO?

SEO is a strategy used for improving online presence. When used the right technique with the right people, you can increase the ranking in the search results. If you are on the first page of the results, the business will be generating more leads, conversion, phone calls, shipments, website traffic, quote requests, and ultimately revenue. About 75% of the users don’t visit the second page of the results. This is why SEO is so important.

Off-Page SEO service involves:

  • Setup, improvise and integrate Google My Business account.
  • Guest Posting is a very important practice for better SEO.
  • Creating Backlinks to improve Page Authority & Domain Authority.
  • Optimize google my business account.
  • Create posts, products catalogue and update business account.
  • Guest Posting in different websites, blogs, articles, etc.
  • Quora and Medium posts help in lead generation, increases visibility and traffic.
  • Provides high quality backlinks for websites.

Social Media Marketing

Even today, not all businesses use social media platforms. The fact is that they have an immense influence on the decision of the user. About 75% of all people who are on social media platforms use them while making any purchase decision. It doesn’t matter if they are purchasing clothes, groceries, or new flooring. Through social media marketing, we will be focusing on increasing your online presence on websites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. This doesn’t always have to be promotional.

It priorities the follower’s experience with your brand and how you engage and interact with your customers. When they get high-value, relevant content, it improves customer loyalty and brand awareness. We will be creating a customized social media marketing strategy that manages your brand’s reputation, customer engagement, and customer reviews and feedback. It will get you more followers, engage users across the different platforms, and even drive conversions.

Social Media Marketing service involves:

  • Establishing social media handles.
  • Improves social media growth by Facebook ADs and Instagram ADs.
  • Creating awareness campaigns for brand awareness on social media.
  • Creating website traffic campaigns to increase the sales/traffic on websites.
  • Creating a purchase / lead generation campaign will help in getting more leads.
  • Creating post engagement campaigns to increase the engagement of posts & events.
  • Creating Carousel Ads, which will help to showcase multiple products in single ads.
  • Creating a remarketing campaign to target our engaged audience.
  • Provides full campaign reports.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is a great way to guide more traffic to your site and increase business, but it can become expensive quickly if you aren’t careful. Few thing we need to know before jumping into paid advertising is How it all works, Keywords research, Bidding strategies, Formats of paid ads, Available Ad networks, etc. The most popular locations for your search and display ads are Google, Bing, Amazon, and Social Media Platforms.

Paid Advertisement service involves:

  • Platforms we use – Google Ads, Social Media Ads, Amazon Ads, Bing Ads, etc.
  • Ads Formats – Search Ads, Text Ads, Display Banner Ads, Video Ads, etc.
  • Understanding your target audience.
  • Optimizing landing pages.
  • Campaign and budget optimization.
  • Provides full campaign reports.

Email Marketing

This is another cost-effective digital marketing service available on the market. Not only does it help in staying connected with potential customers and get a high ROI. Using email marketing, you can keep in touch with your old customers, interest potential customers, and inform current customers. Emails can be used for sharing business information like a new hire or a change in address or the special coupons or discounts that they can use.

Another advantage of using Email Marketing is that it can be used for other marketing services like Content Marketing, Video Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. You can also provide excerpts from your blogs, recent posts, and exclusive videos for your customers. It is important that you add CTAs or Calls-to-action so that the customers can follow your company on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Email Marketing service involves:

  • Low cost campaigns with great ROI.
  • Different targeting for existing and new customers.
  • Both organic and paid strategies are available.
  • Campaign creation with creative infographic & engaging content with offers.
  • Provides full campaign reports.

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